Microsoft has developed a web app can estimate their age by the user. Without anything in the project download the need, users can fire up the age-computer basis of a photograph.

Estimate age without downloading

The software giant Microsoft had the project originally planned as a small demo version. So should test the computer for this purpose about 50 people. However, the matter has developed a tremendous momentum with the HowOldRobot. As the web app went in early May at the start, had already hundreds of thousands of users used face recognition within hours. As the hype around comes, can not exactly say it. Actually, it is a very simple web app that no more than the algorithm for calculating age offers. So the pure fun factor when calculating leave of their own age seems to have tipped the balance. download

So is used

Since this is the age at detection of any software in the true sense, but a web app, no is download required. The user simply calls the website on Then the user several sample photos are available by which he can perform the calculation. Interestingly, it is of course with your own pictures. With the button use your own photo, photos can upload from your computer. is possible as the image drag & draw drop in the designated window.

Note: Photos should not exceed 3 MB be otherwise complains the app crashes. You should also choose a portrait photo in which your face is clearly visible. Faces that are easily hidden under caps, the system can not recognize.If the picture was inserted, the algorithm calculates the age of Microsoft within a few seconds. This is indicated above the face. The program also indicates the sex.

Estimates of the web app is not exactly

Who performed the test with how-Old will have probably also noticed that the face recognition function smoothly and accurately. The age estimate, however, does not necessarily correspond to reality. In our test the app has draufgeschlagen a few years. Drivers who fits a picture of Mrs. Merkel for fun, will have a similar result. Download Age Calculation

However, one should not take the calculations of the algorithm too seriously. Finally, the web app will be just a fun pastime. but one can assume that Microsoft will continue to refine the technology behind the age recognition.

Incidentally, Microsoft asserts that the uploaded images will be stored or distributed.