Of the Stalkscan download reveals the vulnerabilities of Facebook. The tool reads from the URL of the account of all the data that have not been completely closed to everything and everyone. And that, unfortunately, a lot!

Stalkscan downloadThe Stalkscan Download brings everything to light. (Picture:

The Stalkscan Download revealed glaring security holes

The Facebook Scanner scans a profile to the bone. To the desired Facebook profile only has to be opened and the URL copied and the free text field of Stalkscan be inserted. After all data can be called that make even the smallest loophole open in the personality settings. The whole privacy nightmare can be displayed in detail thanks to various filters. Among the categories profile, tags, comments, Liked, Places, People and Inter rest, all the postings, preferences and social contacts of any holder of a Facebook accounts can be accessed. And what is even more incredible: The scanner does not even injured the privacy of the social network.

check their own security settings

Sure, the Stalkscan Download invites once this one, ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, current stage of life companions or affairs through their paces to test. Ultimately, all visible information was eventually released by the users themselves, thus setting the whole world. However, hardly anyone has been on the screen on which photo he was marked once and what he eventually provided with a thumbs up. But rather than dealing with the legacy of some acquaintances, you should rather do that with his own profile. The Facebook scanner performs after selecting the category directly to the Facebook page where you can easily remove unwanted markings again. However, the - depending on how old the profile already is - combined with a whole lot of work.

Data security on Facebook

Not only with the publication of Stalkscan download is the Data Security Policy of Facebook in the discussion. In addition to escalating Facebook parties, Fake News (which way to vote rigging rich), personalized advertising, storing the data of persons without Facebook profile, publication of private user data or the use of a facial recognition software led to repeated as dubious honor of Big Brother by awarding Awards. How bad are the dimensions of the gaps in terms of the protection of personal data, each account holder is aware of the Facebook scanner. Whether and what consequences it draws from, each user is left to itself.