Chat Code Maker for Facebook converts photos and graphics into chat codes for the popular social network. The free web service hosting the uploaded from Facebook users content and links them with a corresponding number code. Chat Code Maker for Facebook converts the stored as a numerical code graphics in the chat module from Facebook back into their graphic form. Before uploading you have to select a local image file and enter a Captcha security feature in web form, which is to prevent abuse of the platform. After clicking on the button "Upload Now" goes Chat Code Maker for Facebook to work. A few seconds later, the corresponding chat code on the screen, which you via Schaltfäche appear "Copy to Clipboard" copied to the Windows clipboard and pasted by pressing Ctrl + V in Facebook chat. After pressing the Enter key, the chat code reappears in the form of a graph in the chat window. Chat with Code Maker for Facebook Facebook users have a free hand in the use of graphics in the chat module of the social network. If you want, see also the graphics provided by other users to the service and use it for chatting on Facebook.