Threema Symbols: These are their meanings 2023

Threema Symbols: These are their meanings

Who is switched for privacy on the secure Messenger, faces new characters. What threema symbols mean to be clarified here. Now make smart and start chatting!

Who wants to know for sure so after countless Ausspäh- and storage memory scandals its own data, news again, the threema Android should download application. The client provides end-to-end encryption, which makes it impossible for others to intercept data and read along. In addition, the Messenger promises not to collect customer data and provides further interesting security features. With the umsatteln an adjustment period comes up to the user: New design, other features and new icons.

threema symbolsYou want to know what the different threema mean? (Image: Screenshot threema / Editorial)

The meaning of the symbols threema

Who was on a short-message service already once, knows the most important features. Nevertheless, there are between clients, depending on the features a few differences. In particular threema a little falling out of character, because the focus is on data security and accordingly apply other methods and features. This affects some cases also to the used threema symbols. Previously, anyone who was on the tube, is being held here to wow effect.

Envelope in light gray

This symbol indicates that a message is being sent. That is, the written message was sent by the user and is currently traveling to the server. Normally, the user gets the gray letter, if at all, only very briefly seen. If the icon is, however persistent and still present, this is a sign of connection problems. Once these are removed, the message is sent. Note for iOS users: The app must be open before the message leaves the “queue”.

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Envelope in Black

The letter is a confirmation that the message was successfully sent. But strictly speaking, it is still the server and waits for delivery. The recipient was informed under certain circumstances with a push notification.

Threema Symbols Meaning(Image: Screenshot threema / Editorial)

Open letter with arrow

Anyone who sees this threema icon in his message, now knows that it has been served, is thus reached the recipient. If the recipient the read receipt is activated, the message has not been read. If the read receipt disabled, you can not say anything about it. Note for iOS devices: For technical reasons, the open letter will not appear until threema has been opened; provided that the read receipt is active.

Black eye

The symbol is the read receipt. The user gets it only appears when this function is turned on at the receiver.

Red exclamation point

As can be seen on the color of the icon, this is not a good sign. It indicates that the sending of the message failed. Reasons for this include the disruption of an upload or server problems. To start a new attempt of sending, the user has long tapping the appropriate message. forwarding, by selecting the recipient again will appear on Android devices. On the iPhone appears Try again.

A green check mark

Unlike other messengers the check mark is not for sending the message. This symbol is actively triggered by the receiver. He taps long for the message and select Confirm. He is telling the sender that he has read the message and agree with the statement.

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Threema symbols Messages(Image: Screenshot threema / Editorial)

Symbols in threema for Security

Addition to the characters when sending and receiving of messages, the chat client has other threema symbols. Of these symbols, there are three pieces that are to provide information as to how secure communication with the caller.

Security Level 1: A red dot

This level indicates that the security is not very high. Basically, it means that the caller was not found in your own address book, enabling accurate verification is still pending.

Threema Symbols Safety(Image: Screenshot threema / Editorial)

Security Level 2: Two orange dots

These two points are seen quite often in many users. The symbol indicates that the contact in the address book has been located and associated information such as phone number or e-mail confirmed by the threema server. A last minute uncertainty that it does not concern the right contact, remains.

Security Level 3: Three green dots

Of the threema symbols for safety of this sign indicates an impeccable safety. Just as green displays in other areas, that everything is fine, it can be assumed even while facing. The spots appear, moreover, only if one has confirmed the public key of contact with scanning the QR codes.