WinSweep brings different tools on security and privacy to the PC. Besides anonymous surfing and corn Email lure goodies like password vault, encryption and system cleaning. WinSweep delete temporary files and locally stored tracks Internet usage. In addition, a proxy for concealing one's own IP address is available. In addition to the anonymous surfing emails you also sent anonymously without a return address. In addition to the anonymity also attracts safety. So security conscious users turn the browser with a single click in the Safe Mode. Einnal enabled the surfboard restarts with restricted rights and thus prevents the installation of any Trojan or spyware. However passwords secures the integrated password safe. The scores with the award of a master password and the automatic insertion of passwords when necessary. Passwords and encrypted data WinSweep with the standard AES 256-bit. And with that data even after deleting stay safe is available an integrated data shredder. Rounding out the Privacy- & Securitybox WinSweep by nice features like a BossKey and some Windows tweaks, such as how to disable the Windows message service. All in all WinSweep is a nice tool collection with a pleasant-featured. If you are not too bad to use individual tools finds all functions but also in free programs: CCleaner TrueCrypt all my passwords (AmP) Secure Eraser

Limitations of WinSweep

21 day trial version.