SetFSB 2023


The distributed as freeware in earlier versions SetFSB download are hardcore overclockers a means for manipulating the so-called front side bus at hand. With the shareware change user the clock rate or frequency of the chipset, memory, and PCI buses.

SetFSB download as smart overclocking tool

Thus SetFSB the clock frequency and can thus influence the operating speed of the various motherboard components, you first have the clock used on their own motherboard, called "Clock generator", Select from a pull-down menu. Who does not know the clock generator used, can look on the manufacturing side of the mainboard or relevant overclockers-forums on the net for this information.

If you have set the correct clock generator for SetFSB, a mouse click on the button "Get FSB"To read the clock frequencies of motherboards currently used in the program. Per slide rule then the front side bus can be RAM, chipset, PCI and PCI-E bus pick up or set lower.

SetFSB download

Front Side Bus, the higher, the faster the computer works: As a rough rule of thumb. But beware: If too far overclocked the bus, shall be punished with system freezes, program crashes and operating system failures that lead to data loss or at worst can even cause hardware damage. Therefore SetFSB aimed primarily at experienced overclockers and hardware specialists who know the inner workings of your PC exactly. Note: The download area is also the last freeware edition of SetFSB place next to the current demo version.