FIFA 14 Ultimate Team expands the football simulator ball distributor EA Sports in a free version in the browser. equipped game starts with a rather unterklassigen team, you build in this Manager version of FIFA 14 gradually a schlagkäftige troops together and compete against players from around the world. For this one uses the internal transfer market, can be bought on the better kicker or exchanged. A scouting system helps in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, perhaps picking out one or two rough diamonds from the more than 11,000 footballers. Impatient also is open to the option to purchase so-called set against real Euros, where new players, but also other useful gadgets can be included. But the core of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, the 90 minutes on the court. Optional online or offline, the team's own measures with the troops of the opponents from around the world. According to EA three million games will kick off a day ... Especially cool: The league system with ten levels for persistent manager with fun career mode. By the way FIFA 14 Ultimate Team also part of FIFA 14 Win App, which also features in our software catalog.