The free Iconoid is an all-rounder when it comes to desktop icons. From changing colors to save the icon positions on the desktop &# 45; Iconoid can. The small Iconwunder looks apparently first to nothing and proves that good software is not always gimmicks such as Aero & Co. must have on board. The application is a very simple process: Mark icon, make changes, done. In terms of colors are transparency, shadow and "normal" Colors. Moreover, icons can always, or even upon reaching a certain position the mouse be hidden. This is especially handy when about a gadget and an icon superimposed on each other. In addition, Iconoid integrated on request in the Windows context menu, and is so everywhere with two clicks. Anyone who has to fight every now and then with displaced icons, is like the positioner. So can - if required for each resolution individually - the display location fix on the desktop and restore them when needed with one click. After a system crash or changing the resolution is sometimes golden. Iconoid is versatile and works simply and reliably. Desktop Icon tuner and specialists a real download tip.