if the Google Play Store "connection" indicating there are several ways to troubleshoot. Try our solutions now!

The Google Play Store download is free and pre-installed on many devices at the factory. For Android users, it is the point of contact when it comes to apps, movies, music, games and books. Should this, however, times do not work, which can be quite annoying. In the event that the Google Play Store displays "no connection", the error can often resolve quickly. We show different approaches that should bring the store back up and running.

Assistance if the Google Play store is not connected

Even if the Play Store comes from the house of Google, this like other applications is not immune from mistakes. However, as will also get an update without functioning of the stores all apps, help must be found quickly. Especially as the Browse disappears for new applications and games - and great fun factor. What sounds at first after a big problem, but can be remedied relatively easily. The following tips will show what no connection to do error message in the Google Play Store. Google Play Store link

Tip 1: control basic functions

First of all, the user should check very basic things. First, he should consider whether the Internet connection is perhaps just really does not exist. For this, just once open the mobile browser and open any page. to load the page properly, you go to the next step. Often, it helps to start the smartphone simply times again. the Play Store is still not working, must be passed to the next approaches.

Tip 2: Clear cache, erase data & uninstall updates

In many cases, this approach leads to success because so many temporary data is deleted. The user is under this instrument settings to the applications or apps. There is the Play Store, in which the cache command is now running empty. Displays the app then still "no connection" to, you can now press delete, select data in the same window. With this command, the store is reset to a certain extent. Was that not successful, perhaps the last update has caused an error. So it should be uninstalled. This can also be carried out under the app settings. Google Play Store link app settings Appears still the Google Play Store No connection message on, emptying, deleting and uninstalling cache data and updates can also be under Settings &# 45; -> Apps in Google Play services to be made.

Enable Tip 3. download manager

The problem may also arise from the download manager, which was accidentally may be disabled. To activate it, the user re-enters the Apps of the device. It is relatively far listed above and can be activated with a single click. Google Play Store link DL Manager

Tip 4: Remove the Google account

Another approach, which, for a short time to remove Google account that you use the Play Store. For this, the user opens the settings &# 45; -> accounts &# 45; -> Google. The active in the Play Store account is clicked and the menu (usually top right) away. the smartphone will be restarted and added the account again. For this, simply add accounts under the Google account. Google Play Store link Delete Account

Tip 5: Reset device

Are all previous approaches failed, there is the possibility to reset the smartphone. First, however, the user should make a backup of all data. Resetting then be under Settings &# 45; -> To back up & reset to default &# 45; -> implement Factory data reset. Reset with the confirmation phone, the device is brought to point zero. After that, import the backup. Under certain circumstances the Google Play Store must be restored.