DesignCAD facilitates both architects and engineers to create or revise sophisticated technical drawings in the third dimension. The CAD tool imports the popular file formats of its remit and directed thanks uncomplicated operation, even for beginners matter.

With the DesignCAD download 3D models & make plans

Now engineers, drafters, architects and students from these areas can adjust their search for a professional tool. With the DesignCAD download the right tool for proper proper work comes to the computer. Thanks to its diverse functions that moves at about 350, users are capable of Models, technical drawings, blueprints or complex 3D constructions to create. That subscriptions here scale and precision can be designed to the smallest detail, is part of the easiest exercise program.

DesignCAD download

In contrast to a variety of free 3D & CAD software is the tool suitable despite a wide range of functions for beginners – not least because of its clear interface and numerous instructional videos.

Versatile features in DesignCAD allow precise designs

Objects that are created in the tool can easily scaled in different levels be moved. Thus putting together more complex drawings is facilitated. The download of DesignCAD allows the user also conveniently switch between 2D and 3D modes and herzuswitchen. A variety of point setting commands, which can be set, for example, according to precise coordinates, brings precision in the drawing work. In addition, the CAD software a Modeling helpers for individual components and a pallet with 1000 ready-made objects and symbols on board. can be using so-called Boolean operations form very own items based on these predefined geometric objects such as cylinders, cones, pyramids and Co.. is especially helpful also the relatively new Comparison feature. Thanks to this technology, two objects, similar or build on each other projects can be compared. Thus, differences between the two drawings can now Acquire a tremendous time saver. Finished designs sets the CAD program concluded in vivid three-dimensional models around. This gives you a realistic impression by different surface textures as well as shadows and lighting effects. an important detail for the presentation with partners or customers.

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DesignCAD download 3D models

Compatible with other 3D & CAD software and many formats

the DesignCAD download a high degree of compatibility with AutoCAD drawings is rounded. Scanned files from this top dog among CAD programs include after importing both levels and line weights or views of the original designs. The professional tool also manages the import of the following formats by:

  • DWG
  • WMF
  • HPGL
  • DXF

When exporting (DWG, DXF, WMF, HPGL) and standard image formats such as JPG, TIF and BMP also supports the following in addition to these four formats:

  • RIB
  • VRML
  • PDF
  • WPG