WhatsApp Plus alternative to blocking: GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus alternative to blocking: GBWhatsApp

Users had to wait for a WhatsApp Plus Alternative waiting. The time has come: With the GBWhatsApp Messenger now gets a successor. Here’s all the info!

The GBWhatsApp download is free and offers many more features than the original. Who wants to write smarter messages or send large photos, is well advised with the WhatsApp alternative.

WhatsApp Plus Alternative

Whatsapp Plus alternative bypasses lock

Early 2015 WhatsApp was massive action against third parties such as WhatsApp Plus or WhatsAppMD and opened unauthorized accounts. The providers promised quick help, but users waited so far in vain. Now there is with GBWhatsApp actually an alternative to WhatsApp, which is part of Facebook since, 2014. Here can be used with all regular WhatsAppMD WhatsApp contacts and to a whole range of extra features:

WhatsApp Plus Alternative Pink

Colorful, colorful, GBWhatsApp

Who can no longer bear the Pink Green of WhatsApp can choose from a virtually inexhaustible source of various themes. There are of minimalist designs to Hello Kitty layouts with Walt Disney font, just about anything can be personalized and customized. not who the choices too confusing or still should be enough individual, who simply can not generate its own theme. And it does not only create but also to offer for other users to download. But even for users who have no sense for such superficial frills that WhatsApp Plus offers an alternative lot of useful additional options.

WhatsApp Plus Alternative Dread

More freedom with GBWhatsApp

The Messenger provides the ability to manually adjust their online status. Just WhatsApp has indeed turned out to be veritable relationship killer – not anymore! No accusatory questions more, why not responded or who you’ve texted to 12:57. Another advantage is that significantly more data can be sent easily. Videos can be sent for example up to a size of 30 MB – 16 MB with WhatsApp only currently possible. In addition, images can be send in original resolution and there – the Todschlagargument par – almost twice as many emoji. Total GBWhatsApp is a small all-rounder in terms of layout and functions. However, the tool is not an official extension of the Messengers, so the original application must be removed before installing the device. Before the chat history should always be backed up. How WhatsApp chats can be transferred, you can learn here.

The use of unauthorized software is always a source of danger While promise of providers that WhatsApp not evaluate the user data -. Thus, and the accounts do not clear – would a guarantee this is not, however. Since we have not received any negative reports, we offer the WhatsApp Plus alternative to download for free – but at your own risk.