With the Find Facebook app reaches a secret snapshot to track the envisaged person in the network. The facial recognition app is currently in Russia a total hit, Datenschutzrechtler however, are sounding the alarm.

With the Find Facebook app for the right partner? Hardly likely!

The tool was originally intended to revolutionize the online dating by snapshots with the profile pictures of users of the Russian Facebook version VKontakte be matched. In this way can be of any chance encounter - on the road or in the café - establish the identity and contact. The technology behind enables according to the developers to search a billion pictures in one second. Following the app provides an image with the highest similarity as well as ten more hits. The success rate would have been 70 percent. Already, the face detection with various databases works - Facebook currently belongs not yet do so. Whether the Find Facebook app is actually used to find the right partner is to doubt. The temptation to stalk strangers or familiar people is probably too big for most users. So that a strong invasion of privacy of users of VKontakte exists, seems to care little Russian developers (what a surprise).

Find Facebook appTo use the Find Facebook app, the registry on the Russian site VKontakte is necessary. Image: Find Face.

The tool does not open alone stalkers floodgates

The political sensitivity of the Find Facebook app shows itself by the interest of various governments to the software. Officially, only to track down wanted criminals on the face recognition app on social media channels. But the app also opens less ehrvolle application areas as the arrest of several criminals. In countries where freedom of expression is a rarity, the app can to identify dissidents be used politically. The use in "more private" areas is more than questionable. So thanks to the tools the identities of actress in adult entertainment films were announced. From a data protection perspective, the facial recognition app for you a mean disaster.

Free app with paid subscriptions

The download of the app as well as the registration and registration is free for users - additional features cost extra. From 50 cents to just over 60 euros premium features are bookable. At the moment they are probably less interesting for the German market, but the facial recognition via Facebook with the next update should be integrated, this will probably change abruptly (unfortunately).