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With the Royal Skat Download the user fetches the classic card game on the Windows computer. Playing with the detailed playing cards can be gambled over an Internet connection with other players of flesh and blood. Whoever finds just any teammate or opponent can play against the computer. The card game Skat is one of the most popular games ever. And has been for many, many years, long before had to think of the Internet or the first computer. In historical perspective, the game has been developed from the more ancient card game Sheepshead end of the 19th century. Since the invention of computers and the internet numerous digital versions came on the market. In our download catalog, many Skat apply mutatis games with free download. One of them is Royal Skat Developer Uwe Rosenke.

Free Download Royal Skat as Shareware

However, it is this software is not freeware, but shareware. This means that the free trial version is a bit limited compared to the full version. The reason: The shareware version service users for testing and evaluation of Royal Skat and is currently limited in time to 60 days. eg belonging to the limitations that the player can not place in the Skat rankings. That being the free trial version but is very well suited to get a thorough impression of the merits of the Skat game on the whole.

Royal Skat Download

Skat software suitable for beginning and professionals

So you can go to the Royal Skat download, for example, play against a computer opponent, in the event that there is a driving middle of the night to skat, or you can not find a opponent of flesh and blood for other reasons, of using the Internet connection is available. The great thing here is that the software is equally well suited for Skat beginners as well as advanced and specialized professionals, because beginners are after the Royal Skat download useful information available, while the professional can access various statistical functions. Other outstanding features of the game, for example, include the detailed playing cards, billing for the betting gaming regulations, the speech and sound effects, and automatic and free update Fuktion, because the skill of computer opponents is constantly evolving. Digital Skat with detailed playing cards Fans of the popular card game are well served with the Royal Skat download. The software convinces among other things, detailed playing cards, brisk flow of the game and free update function. However, the free trial version is somewhat limited. So be it: For Skatfans the investment should pay off in any case. The software is capable of running under different operating systems, Windows, Windows 95 and Windows 7 to 8 Windows and Windows 8.1, respectively, in the 32-bit or 64-bit version.