Netflix trial month: These facts should know!

Netflix trial month: These facts should know!

If the Netflix trial month really binding? We have the answers to all questions about the trial offer of the successful streaming service!

With the Netflix trial month can reportedly suggested to stream shows and movies new customers. But is that true? We have the offer and its conditions seen us take a closer look!

Netlix is ​​currently the most successful streaming provider for movies and series. Meanwhile, the service is available almost worldwide (except in the Volksrepublik China, North Korea, Syria and the Crimea). In Germany, the service can be used except in the browser on various devices: for smart TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles or after downloading the Netflix app on smartphones and tablets.

If the Netflix trial month really binding?

Regarding the Termination he is indeed. Hardly any other online service providers can be put on the sidelines so simple back when you’ve had enough. There are no deadlines yet comply with formalities. You can – right after you have chosen the free offer – online and without giving any reason terminate. The period of use is not affected and you can Netflix heart’s content to test. However, without obligation in the true sense of the Netflix trial month is not. Because in addition to a registration with a valid e-mail address and a payment option and the corresponding data must be entered. Currently, it works with:

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX)
  • debit
  • PayPal
  • gift card

Netflix trial monthFor Netflix trial month you have to register with valid payment data.

This means that of the Netflix trial month so real obligation is not, unexpected costs, however, do not result.

Which package should choose

That depends on whether you want to continue to use after Netflix or not. If you have only it in for the free trial period, then you can calm the most costly package access, because there are all the titles in HD quality and a part even in ultra-HD, so 4K. If you want to make the subscription continue to run, however, one should actually consider here, which package is appropriate. These variants currently exist with Netflix:

  • An account for 7.99 euros and resolution in standard definition (not HD)
  • Two accounts for 9.99 euros and resolution in HD
  • Up to four accounts for 11.99 euros and resolution in HD / 4K

For multiple accounts, all users receive their own profile by which they can store both favorites or retrieve their playlist. The proposals are based on the films, series or documentaries that have been seen with the respective account. In addition, all users can stream simultaneously and independently of each other on various devices. So before you decide for the free trial month should be carefully considered, as one might proceed exactly afterwards. But also in the choice of packages applies: There are no time limits if you want to switch between the different offers. You just have to wait until the month is over booked and already the changes or changes are automatically effective.