phase 5 is a classic among the HTML editors from German programming landing. The freeware offers the management of complex web pages as projects, an extensive library of HTML tags and several other useful extras for programming daily. processed also phase 5 not only HTML, but also CSS style sheets, Java or VBScript. Furthermore, a wizard simplifies the creation of complex tables and lists and forms. On board, the editor also has its own image viewer, including helpers for creating so-called image maps. Thanks syntax Lighting's distinction is in phase 5 at a glance snippet of various programming languages. This feature highlights addition to the aforementioned languages, PHP or Perl components in color from each other. Rounding phase 5 through object-wide search and replace individual passages. Using a browser preview it also always has an overview of the impact of his work.

Limitations of phase 5

Freeware only to individuals and schools