The most popular railway games and simulators for free

The most popular railway games and simulators for free

Bon Voyage, full speed ahead, and off you go – here’s the most popular Railway Games and simulators available for free download and online games.

The most popular railway games and simulators

Leisure train drivers beware! We have selected the best railway games. Among them is a remake of the economic simulation Railroad Tycoon along with the variant Transport Tycoon. In addition, various demanding railway simulations such as the Freight Train Simulator and the Train Station very realistic held lure. In addition to these titles, the name can wear train game hardly serious, also is on hand the three-dimensional model railroad simulation Rule the Rail. Particularly realistic rail travel promise Loksim 3D and Zusi train simulators. Good Trip!

Zusi train simulators Download

Hobby workers be allowed to sit at Zusi train simulators in the cab of a virtual locomotive. This is a very realistic simulation of operational processes on German railways, to be implemented in the real track routes. In the current version of the web simulator is complemented by a driving school mode explained in the course of driving events and signals.

Loksim 3D Download

The free train drivers driving simulation for railway fans Loksim3D making routes, rail cars and cabs to detail. The railway enthusiast can become active as a train driver on real and fictional railroad tracks and the desired tracks and drivers’ cabs charge separate from the manufacturer’s site. The drivers work in minute detail illustrates: Even details such as weather conditions and visibility are considered.

  The most popular railway games and simulators for free

Freight Train Simulator Download

The Freight Train Simulator offers users particularly realistic replicas of old railways. Totz of sophisticated graphic represents the railway’s no particularly high demands on the computer. Even on older notebooks Train Simulator looks good.

Railway Freight Train Simulator Games(Image: Freight Train Simulator / Editor)

download OpenTTD

In this train game is a clone of the legendary Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Clone in this case, however, in no way means that it makes less fun! On the contrary. Thanks multiplayer mode, up to a whopping 255 players playing together. In addition, the railway was extended game for free with many additional building possibilities.

Railway games OpenTTD(Picture: OpenTTD / Editorial)

Rail Nation Download

Rail Nation is a browser game. As with the original Railroad Tycoon, it is the task of the player to build a railway company. This means that you always represents the latest locomotives on the rails. The whole thing takes place on a non-real map with 50 cities and more than 1,000 companies.

Railway games Rail Nation(Picture: Rail Nation / Editorial)

Rule the Rail Download

Rule the Rail is without doubt a special train game for fans of model trains, for here is to build its own miniature railway, including landscapes and buildings. the introduction to the game by prefabricated sections is facilitated.
Railway games Rule the Rail(Image: Rule the Rail / Editorial)

download Simutrans

Also this rail game for the PC is known titles like Railroad Tycoon and Transport Tycoon modeled. A player’s task is to rise by skillful behavior for powerful locomotive entrepreneurs. This includes, for example, the construction of transport networks, as well as the use of different means of transport at suitable locations.

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Railway games Simutrans(Picture: Simutrans / Editorial)

SteamPower1830 download

The railroad’s SteamPower1830 is available as a browser game for the PC and as an app for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. The game runs very smoothly overall, thanks to the storage of the Scores and other data on the Microsoft Azure servers. Therefore, you can continue playing without problems on the tablet on the PC started games. A player’s task is to establish gradually a successful railway companies, starting from the railway Country: England.

Railway games SteamPower1830(Picture: SteamPower1830 / Editorial)

Train Station Download

Also Train Station is one of the most popular games Railway. Here, the user starts with a mini station including a steam locomotive and two wagons. Money is earned by the transport of goods and passengers and can build up in this way gradually his own railroad empire.

Train Games Train Station(Image: Train Station / Editorial)