Deer Hunter 2014 2023

Deer Hunter 2014

With the free Deer Hunter 2014 App deep-rooted instincts are aroused particular in male users. The first-person shooter gives the gamer a gun in his hand and sends him into the wilderness to bring wolf, bear, lion and Co. to the track. the a while can let off steam with shining eyes on the virtual hunting finally, animal rights activists and vegetarians shake well just appraising the head.

Deer Hunter 2014 App: A virtual hunting wild animals

In the real world to hunt tigers, bears, zebras and other wild and exotic animals is not only frowned upon but are largely forbidden. All the better that people can live out their dreams and preferences in the digital world. The game developer Glu Mobile have recognized this potential and send their users in the first-person shooter in the wilderness. Users are in the simulation app for hunters who roam the world.
The Deer Hunter 2014 Android application is free, but offers in-app purchases and makes use of advertising. The game is playable on all Android devices from version 3.0.

Deer Hunter 2014 App

Worldwide hunting of animals in Deer Hunter 2014

The free hunting simulation sends his gamers across the world and presented to him a species-rich hunting offer. The journey to which the user is sent, almost epic trains. The developers have also attached great importance to the image that, paradoxically, seems almost idyllic. The hunters become the player travels from the northwest of North America to Central Africa and roams while forests, deserts, steppes and savannas.

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Deer Hunter 2014 app environment

Each environment shows her – as in reality just as well – typical animals living there. Overall the game with over 100 species awaiting that serve as the target object. These include exotics like cheetahs, zebras, antelopes, but also wolves, birds of prey, lions and bears. But be careful: the survival instinct of the animals is not to be underestimated. At the beginning of the Deer Hunter 2014 App the deer is first put into sight very classic.

Shooter with extensive arms deal

Thus hunting is not amateurish scene, the player gets a variety of weapons to the hand, which also can be customized through various options to current circumstances. Thus, for example, scopes, optimize stocks, barrels and magazines. To select the users are, among others, these weapons:

  • Grantham Model 500
  • Clayton Fronline
  • Hauer Hex
  • Maginot No. 9
  • Westin Warfighter

Deer Hunter 2014 app weapons

Simulation allows collecting trophies

The app allows the gamer that he can boast like a real hunter with hunted deer. Leaderboards and collected trophies on the hunt, thus ensuring even more incentive. Also, the game brings a co-op mode where you can compete with other hunters in the world.