OpenProj 2023


The download of OpenProj comes as a free alternative to Microsoft’s Project Manager MS Project on the computer. As the top dog when it comes to project management also this freeware works according to current industry standards and also comes with files of the product from Redmond zurande. In August 2012, OpenProj was renamed projectlibre. The tool remains available as open source, but now users will benefit from improvements.

Optimal project management with OpenProj Download

OpenProj shows – without great to make a secret of it – very offensive as a free counterpart to the popular Office giants. The OpenProj download shows strong parallels both in technical and visual standpoint. For the user, this has the advantage that the switch processes the open source version little effort. As you would expect from well-equipped project management software and tools, it has all the necessary tools for optimal project management.

OpenProj download

Requirements for good project management are met

So here functions for budget and task planning and management as well as find Gantt charts or network diagrams. Just as easy to set appointments and managing resources successfully. Say, materials and labor can be scheduled, assigned to various projects are monitored and controlled. Dependencies between processes can be defined. In addition, the project manager creates so-called WBS and RBS charts (Work Breakdown Structure and Resource Breakdown Structure) and analyzes the earned value. the project planners is rounded off with tools for recording working times and to plan the expected costs.

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OpenProj Download Work

OpenProj is extended to projectlibre and

As already indicated, there was a new release for the project planners in August 2012 found. Here, the tool has got the new name projectlibre not only a new dress – also including a lot has changed. One of the most striking features is that the project manager now comes in German on the computer. Both the menu and the column labels are now displayed in German. In the original OpenProj download you had to have fun with English.

Project Manager has been optimized

With the transformation of the structure of the menu has been changed. As already known from other programs, now also the former OpenProj will receive a ribbon, so a ribbon, the menu items and symbols linked.

OpenProj Download menu

In addition, a variety has been corrected to small inconsistencies. This includes the exchange of data with MS Project and the optimization of printing. PDFs are now easily create and can be scaled. efficiently manage projects – at no cost The project management tool, there is nothing to complain about. The helper has all the tools for a good PM – and even free. Since it was oriented to other known programs, and the operation is very simple.