Promo code Pokémon GO! So you come to free items!

With the Promo code of Pokémon GO Niantic away a lot of items. Read more about the action codes, cash in free extras and get more chances of rare monsters!

"Enter your promo code." So far, however was not clear where you can get the codes and what: For some time the Pokémon Go app or game update the promos option with the request can be found after the download in the shop obtained for them.

Promo code Pokémon GOHere is the promo code Pokémon GO can be eingegben. (Picture: Niantic / Editorial)

All the facts: The Promo Code for Pokémon GO

  • At present, the option for the promo code on devices with Android is available.
  • Currently there are no functioning code.
  • Likely the feature will not be introduced until can be redeemed under iOS code.
  • If necessary, this can be done through a website - it practiced Niantic at least with the Pokémon GO predecessor Ingress.
  • So far it is still unclear when it will be the first promo code Pokémon GO.
  • It also is unclear whether items for the game (lucky eggs, smoke, egg incubators, Lockmodule, Poké Balls, berries or a larger bag) or avatar (hats, glasses, necklaces, tops, backpacks, gloves, belts, shoes, etc. .) will be released for the codes.
  • however, chances are that a promo code legendary pocket monster can be earned, are rather small.
  • Likewise, it is still unclear how to get to the code at all. Presumably they can be received or the purchase of specific products they are posted to specific actions, for example, in social media.

The developers of Niantic make it so exciting and keep the secret surrounding the promo code. However, one thing is certain, namely how to redeem the code.

For example, the codes can be in the game Redeem

Once there, the first working code, you must enter them in the game. For this, open the options (in the map below the icon of the Pokeballs) and here the shop. Now you have to scroll to the very bottom, to go to the text box. Here is the promo code is then entered for Pokémon GO. If the input was correct, players get credited to their account an appropriate message and redeemed feature.

Codes, which currently are on questionable sites abound, you can leave safely left: they do not work quite simply. Although these codes judge also no harm - as may be the case with hacks and cheats, but you wasted uselessly its time you could spend with the hunting of Pokémon or the scouring of PokéStops.