Change Steam Password

can change a Steam password from time to time be needed. How to do this quickly and easily from the hand, you can learn here! Steam was developed by Valve and offers a sophisticated gaming platform on the new games can also be downloaded. When the program starts the user name and password are required. If one has forgotten their password or want to change for security reasons, it is possible in a few simple steps. The following procedure describes the easiest way to get in Steam to change the password. If the current password is no longer known, the path is more complicated and requires a valid e-mail address.

The goal: Change Steam Password

It can happen quickly that you forgot your password and want to change it, therefore. In a few steps is explained in this guide as the password in Steam can be changed. Also for security reasons, the change of the password can offer.

What requirements for password changes are necessary

To change the password on Steam, the free Steam should be installed on a computer or a laptop user [Download] (/). In addition, an Internet connection should be available. Since the new data is sent via e-mail if the password is lost, the user should have a valid e-mail address. The Steam program is easy to install with the newer versions of Windows and Macintosh.

The correct procedure of the password when changing

To change the password on Steam, is possible in a few steps. 1&# 46; step: The Steam program is started first thing. The user logs in with his user name and password. steam password change 2.1 2&# 46; step: In the open window of Steam is now the option "Steam" and then "settings" clicked. Steam Password CORRECT 3&# 46; step: Under the option "account" is the choice "Change password or secret question"That the user has to select. 4&# 46; stepHere the old password is first entered. Then choose a new password is entered twice. 5&# 46; step: By clicking on the button "Continue" it will be stopped and stored. The program then Steam should be restarted. 6&# 46; step: If the current password is unknown, may be specified in the welcome screen that the user name is known. To the registered e-mail address code can be sent now if the user does not remember his password. This code should be copied from the email and pasted from Steam in the login window. By clicking on the button "Continue" a new password can now be saved. With the new password Steam can be started immediately. A working email address is therefore essential in this case.

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