Vanity Remover

Vanity Remover scans all directory levels of a folder and deletes empty directories automatically. The slim Freeware saves users the tedious search and delete empty file folders on directories with many and multiple levels of hierarchy. The operation of Vanity Remover is easily explained. The free helper does not require installation on Windows. After the program call draw users to search, folder from Windows Explorer drag&Drop; on the program view of Vanity Remover. Alternatively put users at shining through folders with a mouse click firmly on the folder Schaltfäche. After finishing search and deletion run the freeware informed found folders and the number of erased empty directories. Folder with files attached are not affected by the deletions. With free Vanity Remover Windows users sweep easily and quickly empty folders from your hard drive. Who has many directories with many subfolders and directory levels on the disk, will learn the simple but useful services for the free helper to appreciate rapidly.