When SCP-087 immerses the player down into an eerie stairwell. Looking for a way out make creepy noises in the freeware for an increasing adrenaline and a lot of suspense. The background story of SCP-087 is quickly told. The player finds himself on the test track of the fictitious SCP Foundation again that dealt the scientific enlightenment mysterious paranormal cases. In the case of SCP-087 unexplained cries and other frightening noise from the depth of the subterranean test facility penetrate. Test persons claiming an eerie beings would drive in depth his mischief. The player can miss the essence? The free SCP-087 ensures goose bumps on the PC. The freeware in the style of Slender plays with the fantasy and primal fears of the player. Very brave play the horror-adventure in a darkened room and turned up sound.