Xleaner released Windows computer of unnecessary garbage. Similar to the CCleaner freeware cleans up hard drives and deletes unnecessary files to user specified criteria.

Xleaner Download: Putzfee for Windows

Xleaner cleans up all traces of popular Windows programs, browsers and office applications. Further fine adjustments such as individual filters make it easier to clean up the operating system for user-defined needs. With a built Uninstaller is unneeded programs to remove from the system. Thanks to so-called plug-ins, users can extend the capabilities of Xleaner addition.

Xleaner download

Xleaner starts on demand with Windows. Selected cleaning options can be automatically executed when the program starts or when the program end. The freeware converts successfully in the footsteps of the great idol CCleaner. next browser and Office programs The range of cleaning options also includes areas such as temporary files and Windows recycle bin, making freeware for clean-ups more attractive.

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