send GIFs with WhatsApp: It’s that easy!

send GIFs with WhatsAppWe reveal how to share the animated images and check where you will find the best GIFs for WhatsApp. learn more here & express his emotions reprint! Previously, you had to call users after downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS received GIFs via an external link, the messenger could not see directly in the chat history animated graphics. With a new feature that is now possible.

send GIFs with WhatsApp: Find it!

Who wants to use the new function does not have to do much: In principle, it is sufficient to copy the link to the GIF and paste the URL in the chat history again. WhatsApp generates the animated image of it, so it can be seen directly in the conversation and no need to open an extra browser. Who wants to send GIFs with WhatsApp, so it must not do anything differently than in the past, the Messenger will do the rest. The GIFs can be stored by the way also in the images during the smartphones or tablets and are as comfortable shared with other contacts.

The three best sources of GIFs

For sending GIFs with WhatsApp, you need of course a template. And there are an almost unlimited choice, because the Graphics Interchange Format was developed in 1987 and currently enjoys but an absolute renaissance. No matter on which Socia media channel you travel almost everywhere encounter a small works of art. Meanwhile, even some sites have specialized in this format. There is an overview of the most interesting providers:

  1. GIPHY offers a huge selection on various topics. Sorted by categories or artists or by searching for keywords found on GIPHY to any situation the appropriate graphics.
  2. A selection of funny GIFs can be found here. 9GAG is actually an English-language online platform, divided on the entertaining photos, comments and evaluated. A direct search feature, however, does not provide the Site, the GIFs are simply in chronological order by date of publication.
  3. Also tumblr offers the category GIFs. The images can be searched on specific topics via hashtag - rather than trendy funny.

send GIFs with WhatsAppBrowse to GIPHY and send the appropriate GIFs with WhatsApp. (Screenshot:

Not found the right one? Even the man / woman!

Who has not found the right image can be easily realized with a few clicks itself. The article: "Create Animated GIF with a few clicks: Find it!", Reveals with which free programs or sites on which the animated images can be created in a loop most comfortable and easiest. Just have to save, copy the link and you can already send their own GIFs with WhatsApp!