Of the TeamViewer Download solves PC problems remotely. With the free remote control software authorized users access from the distance to remote computers. Practical features such as remote access, VoIP, video and text chat make the freeware into a versatile tool in the areas of IT support, online gaming and webinars.

TeamViewer Download as PC roadside assistance

Remote analysis over the phone or by e-mail are always difficult, especially when laymen and experienced users meet, which use a different vocabulary. Most one then have no choice but to order as a computer service person or IT studied son home. Now the visit of a PC breakdown service is due Remote Administration à la desktop sharing superfluous. Instead of a home visit, the IT support comes with the Download TeamViewer directly via the Internet to the computer. The computer specialist controls with the software of the customer the breakdown of PC remotely and fixes computer problems without having to be yourself on site.

Remote access for IT support and teleworkers

The remote maintenance program is a tool for teleworkers and professional IT support, others want help in troubleshooting. When starting the program, the software generates a unique ID, the support of the seekers tells the support Leist ends. Only with this identification number to log on to the supporting computer is at all possible.

TeamViewer Download

TeamViewer offers text chat, VoIP and webcam transmission

the helper is only once on the computer, it can work on the remote PC as on your local system. The software transmits the remote desktop in real time and can thus, as if by magic, operate via network. For smooth communication between supporters and Hilfesuchendem are text chat, VoIP and webcam transmission. In the current version, the remote control component of the tool contains a Wake-on-LAN functionality, to a PC by remotely wake on the network interface. However, concerns about the security of their own data are unfounded. On one hand, the target computer must have performed the TeamViewer download in advance. For another ID and code of the controlled user incessant basic requirements for access. Both can only be obtained through the users themselves. In addition, now a Two-factor authentication is possible. Thus, the one-time security code generated for additional protection of the user account is to worry if account data accessed by unauthorized persons.

Flexible tool suitable for Webinars

The free remote control software brings all multimedia tools for online seminars or Webinars With. Thanks to built-in chat system video conferencing are possible as well as the distribution of documents or files. In addition, VoIP ensures easy communication between teachers and students. is solved nicely and the improved dual monitor support: If multiple displays operated on the client PC, they are also at the remote host 1: 1.

TeamViewer Download Webinars

TeamViewer: A reference in remote maintenance tools

The remote maintenance tool scores with great technology and flexible use applications. The developers advertise, even so that the roadside assistance is ready in less than two minutes. The best: The TeamViewer download is completely free for private purposes only and does not require installation. For mobile IT support the freeware holds another ace up its sleeve. Through cloud technology to the services of the tools can even use on the move via a browser.

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