MAGIX Guitar Backing Maker

MAGIX Guitar Backing Maker grabs a free guitar accompaniment to the computer. The freeware created with a few clicks backing tracks for guitar players. The backing tracks from MAGIX Guitar Backing Maker consist of individual instrument tracks such as bass, drums and rhythm guitar. Upon request, a complete backing band starts in the jam session. In the freeware simply drop the practice speed with the slider firmly in BPM. Moreover, one can deliberately practice individual song parts like verse, chorus or intro. The music style you choose in MAGIX Guitar Backing Maker from between PopRock and two variants of alternative rock. Created backing tracks can also easily as MP3 for more jam sessions store. With the free MAGIX Guitar Backing Maker to guitar players get a little sparring partner for practice sessions on the computer. Little Malus: To continue to use the freeware after a week, however, you must register for free on the MAGIX manufacturing side.