Of the F1 2015 Download is developed by Codemasters successful racing game series continues in a new version for Windows drivers. Since 2010, the Formula 1 racing game for Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS available.

F1 2015 download with all drivers, teams and race tracks

F1 2015 has acquired an official license of the FIA, so that the formula can rejoice 1 friend again that all the drivers, teams and circuits from the current season are faithfully included in the game. The racing game will be released on July 10, 2015 for the PC and is also available in versions for the Xbox One and publishes the PlayStation 4th Pre-orders currently received on the price of 49.99 euros even a discount of ten percent. Significantly improved the driving physics, for which the completely new version of the EGO engine is responsible as a graphic engine has. This applies to the manufacturer, among others, the aerodynamics, the gearbox and the tank.

F1 2015 Download

Race simulation in the style of a TV transmission

The popular racing sim is now even more similar to a television broadcast. As scenes from the grid or from the award ceremonies appear amplified. New is the so-called broadcast presentation which best illustrates the atmosphere of a race day. The F1 2015 download includes a completely new Championsship season and a Pro-season mode. Not only all the official teams, drivers and tracks of the 2015 season are on board, but also that of the previous year. The racing game friend plays in this way the events of the 2014 season once again after and can change to their own benefit as you wish. Who uses the console versions, also operates through voice commands, provided he uses Microsoft Kinect, PlayStation camera or a compatible headset.

F1 2015 Formula 1 Download

F1 2015 with online multiplayer mode

The player is after the F1 2015 download his driving skills in the new online training session to the test and challenge friends and racing rivals in the online multiplayer mode. are very well done, the lighting and weather effects that shine over previous versions with many more details and make the race simulation much more authentic. Water droplets splash during the race on the helmet visor of the player and also the asphalt feels the PC in different weather conditions different at. Another plus. The manufacturer will adjust in the future via patch rule changes in Formula 1 mode so that the PC racers always has the current rules and modes available which are known to change frequently. Quite entertaining is the multiplayer mode, which can be played online with up to 16 participants.

F1 2015 Download Weather

New Pro-season mode as a challenge

Various driving aids are to ensure that both novice and cope as veteran PC pilots. Among other things, a racing line can be displayed, which is of course anathema to the professionals. This can disable all backups at any time. The new Pro-season mode should hold F1 2015 download even for the expert in the cockpit pose a challenge, as will be omitted driving aids and screen displays completely. Other racing games for free download are available in our extensive software offering.