Delete Skype Name: How it works

The function Delete Skype Name is not so easy to find the VoIP provider. Get information and permanently disconnect from Skype! With the Skype download is available worldwide people to talk with friends, acquaintances and even completely unknown. This can be done via written chat, but also video chats and transfers of data are possible. Also can make calls with Skype costs. But not every user wants to own and the same account for a lifetime use. How can delete the Skype name is relatively easy to implement.

Delete Skype Name: privacy policy

Just when an account has not been used longer, it is advisable to delete it, so no strangers can view the data. Users have several options that can be used to delete their own account. How can delete the Skype name, explains the following instructions. Delete Skype Name

The conditions for Skype

Skype for some basic things are necessary, such as a camera with a microphone and a fast Internet connection. In addition, a Windows or Linux computer or a Mac is required. Windows users should use Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8th Users of Macs require Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, while users with Linux Ubuntu 10.04+ Debian 6+, 16+ Fedora or SuSE Open is recommended 12.1+. All computers will also need a processor with at least 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM.

Thus, the account will be deleted

Because Skype users to Do not delete the account itself can, users must contact the customer service of Skype. 1&# 46; Step: First, the section must be on the Skype website "Support" be selected. The user must then log in with their account. Delete Skype Name Support 2&# 46; Step: Now the auxiliary issue must "Account and password" be clicked. After that, the button appears "Deleting an account", 3&# 46; Step: to delete the account, must now be explained again in writing exactly. After the account information must be confirmed again. 4&# 46; Step: Usually it until the account is deleted take up to two weeks.