Nano SIM Template – PDF

Nano SIM Template – PDF

Of the Nano SIM Template Download provides in PDF format a blueprint for cutting SIM cards on the used among others by the iPhone 5 Nano SIM format from the formats Mini-SIM and micro SIM from ..

Nano SIM template download for Mini, Micro and Nano-SIMs

The free PDF document contains a template for cutting a standard SIM card to the size of mini, micro and nano-SIMs. Nano SIM Template – PDF are prospective iPhone users a do-it-yourself guide to building a nano-SIM card to the hand. All you need is a SIM card and a sharp knife or scissors. In practice, the use of box cutters has proven. In order to trim a nano-SIM to scale, you have the Nano SIM Template – print PDF full size. In addition to cutting the card size, you have to also grind the SIM card on the back slightly from 0.76 mm to 0.67 mm to fit into the card slot.

PDF is done – the work with the nano SIM template at your own risk. Neither the vendor nor the side operators are a guarantee of success. it not to damage the metal contacts, which can lead to failure of the SIM card is important in tailoring the SIM card.

Nano SIM Template Download

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