PayPal app

PayPal app

cashless payments has several advantages. Probably the most weighty: You can go to lose no more cash. So far, debit card or credit card was the preferred choice, but are becoming increasingly popular for smartphones and gradually change to all of life and business, there are also again pay increased efforts by mobile phone – Keyword: mobile payment. The PayPal app is one of them.

PayPal app requires account

Free Financial Tools to download abound. But especially the manufacturers of the PayPal app promises something flowery, that users who install it, their bank accounts and credit cards and PayPal balance so always carry, along the lines of: Bye wallet. In fact, you as a user of the PayPal app of course, not his normal bank account always there, but the PayPal account. So the app assumes implicitly that you are a PayPal customer.

PayPal app

Push message informed of account activity

The offers, services and benefits the mobile app are well thought out. Via push message, for example, you will be informed of any movement on the PayPal account immediately. In selected restaurants and shops you can pay with PayPal Android even cash. App, email address, password (and a PayPal account) are all that is needed for it.

PayPal App Transfer

transfer with PayPal and phone toll-free money

In addition, you can similarly be transferred or sent as a conventional transfer money to the account of friends and family with the PayPal app. Provided of course that they also have a PayPal account. Fees apply for uncomplicated transfer none. All one needs to do: Enter the recipient’s e-mail address and the amount in the appropriate fields, adjust friends and family as uses and tap “Send”. The recipient then receives a notification that a credit is to be PayPal account.

Requirements for the use of PayPal Mobile

If the recipient has no Paypal account, he receives an e-mail stating to create one. Apart from the PayPal accounts that are required for the service, a number of other conditions must be met. So sender and receiver must live within the EU, for example in Germany and or another country. Additionally, the account of the sponsor must of course have a high enough credit.

PayPal app credits

Especially recommended for PayPal customers The Mobile App Paymenent PayPal facilitates cashless payments in everyday life. Something disturbing only the party bound terms and conditions are. For example, a PayPal account is tacitly assumed to use the app. A transfer to the account of non-customers is also not possible. Moreover, the choice of restaurants and shops that accept this method of payment, still quite limited. Who already uses the PayPal service, however, given the app a further simplification of payment transactions and must hope that over time more stores are added.