With avast Easy pass to the renowned antivirus vendors serving the genre of password management. The Locksmiths stored access data in encoded form on servers of the manufacturer, in a way that not even this insight into the sensitive data has. Avast Easy Pass nämllich integrates into the market browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome and claims there typed passwords and user name. This will then already encrypted on the user's PC via Blowfish or 256-bit AES and stowed in the online locker. If you call the appropriate site for a renewed login on which is built on top RoboForm Avast Easy Pass takes usefully also equal filling in the required form fields. Thanks to the online store not only eliminates the need to remember the login information, but also to carry a USB stick or similar storage media, as is common with so many others of this genre. Small drawback: Avast Easy Pass does its job as opposed to RoboForm only to Windows Vista.

Limitations of avast EasyPASS

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