What's 4chan.org? Everything about the kinkiest site on the web! 2023

What’s 4chan.org? Everything about the kinkiest site on the web!

On 4chan.org is there anything else there is no power in this concentrated form: violence, pornography, racism, weapons or nude pictures of celebrities. Here more to the dark side of the net!

Here, users do not even need to download the open network gate to go into the darknet itself. 4chan is accessible from any browser. However, this site is not for the faint of heart, but rather the dregs of the Internet. appeared Ever since the information about the alleged child killer from Herne, is the platform on everyone’s lips.

4chan.org4chan.org should be treated with caution. (Picture: 4chan community support LLC.)

Mass phenomenon 4chan.org

Even if you barely know the Page: The image board 4chan.org heard with nearly 30 million visitors (by his own admission) to the most visited sites at all. 4chan was founded in 2003 by the onetime 15-year-old Schüler Christopher Poole moot and lives mainly from fast-postings and the supposedly anonymous usage. About ten years after the founding of the portal fell for the first time really in the headlines, as here the stolen nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities were circulated. In addition, the side known as the birthplace of the Internet phenomenon anonymous, originally started as a fun exercise, meanwhile hung has established itself as a politically relevant size when it comes to freedom of speech and against censorship on the Internet.

Spam vs. Censorship and prohibition

But most importantly, legally questionable and illegal content found on this platform. How is it at all possible then that 4chan.org is legal? This is connected with the establishment and the users of the page. For one thing, the flood of contributions can hardly control (the most popular category random or / b / has daily about 300 000 new posts), on the other side has no archive. Older posts are automatically deleted. To make matters worse, the postings will be published anonymously. There is also (although it is hard to believe that in the presented content) Moderators, delete the potentially illegal postings and users block. Nevertheless, more than enough dubious pictures and comments land for a sufficiently long period of time on the page.

  Cosa c'è 4chan.org? Tutto ciò che riguarda il sito kinkiest sul web!

4chan.org RandomRandom is the most popular category on 4chan.org. (Picture: 4chan community support LLC.)

Anarchy, trash and Japanese culture

However, if you can not be put off by explicit images of pornography and violence, there is also to discover Some for fans of anime, manga, video games, music or fashion on 4chan. Almost 70 categories provides the side and below actually some who choose not nearly to inappropriate content. You should still exercise caution when visiting the site, because some images you do not want to see or simply find it in retrospect hard to forget them again.