IPTV app

IPTV app

Users who already use VLC to view movies and series from the TV program on your home computer are about the IPTV app looking forward. The free application reads from streams, it supports M3U and XSPF playlists.

enjoy Internet TV on Android device: IPTV app

The acronym IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is the transmission of TV programs on the Internet that can be consumed on various devices such as PC or smartphone. The TV service is usually provided via a closed data network, but works in practical terms also freely available online. To receive closed networks on TV, you need special devices such as set-top boxes. Who IPTV will use the computer needs to know the multicast addresses for streams and then it can, for example, read with the VLC player. In order to bring the TV services now available on Android devices, the Russian developer Alexander Sofronov published the IPTV Android application.

IPTV appAnyone who has a ready-made playlist, it can be read out from the IPTV app

Advantages of Internet Protocol TV for the user

If you still think about switching to this type of TV reception, should once make the advantages over the conventional television consciously. The following advantages can show this TV reception path:

  • Better image quality: Stiftung Warentest has compared the quality of satellite, cable DVB-T and IPTV. The winner is a service of the IP television.
  • enjoying TV time delay: Users are due to the time-shifting function more flexible and unbound. Pause Fast times the TV, grab a coffee and relaxed look further – so TV is fun again.
  • huge TV channels
  • high-definition television HDTV thanks
  • Most vendors also provide their own video library available so that users also get the benefits of video-on-demand in addition to the TV program.
  • With the right software, which is usually free, the user receives access to the TV program via different terminals.

IPTV Android – how to use the app?

Before users can get started with the app, they should know that they must first obtain a playlist. A quick search on the net with the term IPTV M3U quickly leads to the goal. For example, users can grab ready-made lists of channels or compile its own list of favorite channels and streams in an editor.

If this condition is created that IPTV app can do their job – and does it well. In addition to supporting M3U playlists, the app also comes effortlessly clear with XSPF. User can bring UDP and playlists from Dreambox or VU that are processed without any problems.
Who needs a few more features, the Pro version should look. This is ad-free on the one hand and bringing some additional practical functions.