Absynth is a headstrong synthesizer with worn Klangtüftel opportunities. 1700 unused, unconventional and vibrant sounds invite into production for direct start. And who tinkers dear, is well advised with simple and intuitive sound design tools. Sound design is actually a science in itself. Thanks to the intuitive strategy, creating new sounds with Absynth will be more likely to snap. The combination of sound quality of existing sounds new sounds can be created here with a few clicks. Even external signals can be used via the audio input, so you can, for example, edit your own voice and turned into an exciting sound. Optionally Absynth can be operated as a standalone application, or as VST instrument in VST komptible hosts, such Cubase & Co. are involved. Here, all parameters can be automated, thus dynamically adapt to the particular song. The Absynth program interface is intuitive, despite the many functions and opens up audiophile users relatively quickly. represents less Experienced the PDF manual to the side which provides comprehensive information about the possibilities. Absynth are at your fingertips new sounds, whether one has knowledge of the matter or not. Who does not want to worn out default sounds, is the best advice here. Absynth - the final frontier .. Including 400 sounds from SPECTRAL EXPANSION and Absynth TWILIGHTS

Limitations of Absynth

Complete functionality Complete PDF manual Runs 30 minutes per session Save and Total Recall impossible