The Bubble Free Space Shredder download overwrites free areas on hard drives with new data. In this way, the freeware prevented the restoration of deleted files. But the program not only worked hard disks, but also removable media such as memory cards from digital cameras or USB flash drives.

Data destroy the Bubble Free Space Shredder Download

Unlike traditional data shredders of free unexploded device allows not only the protection of individual files, but entire disks before recovery. In addition, the Bubble Free Space Shredder download option automatically turns off the computer after work from - because the clean-up may take a little longer and not everyone has the time to sit so long before the PC under certain circumstances. On the basis of a progress bar, the user retains nevertheless always bear in mind what percentage of its task, the virtual paper shredder has already done.

Bubble Free Space Shredder Download

In the current version, it is possible to overwrite the free space on request three times. Especially for older, small hard drives, this option offers, for here the data density is low and a recovery therefore more likely.

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