WhatsApp status store images and alter the course of time: With this trick, the new WhatsApp messages can not only view for 24 hours, but also secure for eternity!

By downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS a new status function has been integrated. For one day, these images or videos are available and are automatically deleted afterwards. If you want to see but the status of a contact longer than 24 hours, you have to apply this trick!

WhatsApp status store imagesWith a simple trick to WhatsApp status can save images. Image: WhatsApp / Editorial)

hold perishable and WhatsApp status store images

Indeed, there is currently only one way and that is not even particularly spectacular: With a simple screenshot to WhatsApp status can save images. However, the approach to a screenshot to make use of smartphone to smartphone differs.

So it works on most devices with the screenshot

Depending on the hardware providers, the approach is different to create a screenshot. These routes operate on most models:

  • At the same time press the start button and the volume button (quieter)
  • Power and Home button simultaneously (Samsung devices with iOS)
  • In the Quick Settings (for HTC and LG) under Capture

WhatsApp Status Save Images shortcutSome models offer the screenshot function is equal to the Direct menu. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Just try just which way the own model works. If necessary, the keys must be pressed a little longer or a button in front of the other.

A video status can be saved

Some units offer in addition to screenshot the option to record a video of the screen and also save a WhatsApp status clip

  • Sony smartphones with this function to the power button must be kept pressed until the corresponding menu appears. Here the Record Screen option will be selected and the recording can be started.
  • When Huawei Mate 9, however, already a double tap on the screen is enough to access the recording function.

All other smartphone models can upgrade the video function via App. There are now a handful of well-functioning tools that allow video recording of the screen easily.

Where do you find the screenshot or video afterwards?

After WhatsApp status images save one finds the photos again usually in the gallery of the device. Normally, an identically folder is created in the gallery with the first screenshot. If you can not find these, you can find the captured status / Pictures / screenshots folder on the phone or SD card. - Unlike Snapchat WhatsApp not informed by the way the user that his status was photographed by another person. In this respect, the images and clips can take a picture of lust and love and save.