Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips and tricks for survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips and tricks for survival

The zombie apocalypse is here! As you can survive best, betrayed this Tips Last Day on Earth Survival!

Last Day on Earth with tips Survival escape death

Apocalypse scenarios come at least since The Walking Dead at always good. After all, who knows if we will not have to enforce desperate survivors us in further or perhaps even the not too distant future in the struggle for their own survival against vicious, escalating monsters and even other? The Last Day on Earth: Survival app allows us to experience ever on smartphone and tablet this scenario, at least. And even in this game you realize quickly: Just the whole is definitely not.

So that your at least got along well in the game and maybe you can take one or the other trick to survival in real life, we have compiled a few Last Day on Earth Survival tips for you. Rule number one: You need a sensible plan. That’s already half the survival battle. Therefore, here are a few tips for first 24 hours survival.

Tips Last Day on Earth SurvivalThis load Tips Day on Earth Survival help you to survive the first few hours. (Image: Kefir / editors!)

create plan and scrape together the basics

Important: First of all, you should take a deep breath and think about what you need in any case. And these are Spear, ax and pickaxe. And the basic materials you will find in the car wreck that has been left very near you sometime.

then collects you nine wood, six stones and tinkering with the loot out of the car, all three tools. At best only hatchet and pickaxe to get quickly to another timber and stones.

These three tools provide you a solid foundation on which you can build – even if your theory, other things could cobble together first. But keeping these tools will save you in the course a lot of time.

collect tips Last Day on Earth Survivalgathering materials and crafting tools first: This is one of your first steps. (Image: Kefir!)

build a fortress and protect

Now you have the tools – so now it goes to a solid roof over your head. Tinkering you first of all a backpack (Casual Backpack), creates a Garden (Garden Bed) and builds something to collect rainwater (Raincatcher). For that, you retain most empty containers.

Then you build yourself a nice little cottage – which also has what it takes to cope with one or the other zombie. can so nothing open, assemble good closable door and so on. And let nothing stand outside! Other players are looking forward to fast times on free stuff.

Best you start with a 3×3-house. Much you do not get there under, but it costs little resources and expand you can still. In addition, also said car wreck so can be used for bunkers stuff. This is one of those tips Last Day on Earth Survival, which could save the ass you have.

Tips Last Day on Earth Survival HouseThen it’s build the house. (Image: Kefir!)

upgrade weapons and tools

If your small fortress, it gets hard to improve your tools and weapons. Upgrading always does well in terms of what you have expected that.

You can find on the map the Alpha Base, abandoned aircraft (downed airplanes) and left behind Armeekram (army supply drops). In the Army Base You come but only if you examined the body at the entrance and find their O card. Here you will find all sorts of parts of weapons to items, from which you can watch tinker useful things. Even ammunition you will find. But you are so economical – so much of it you do not have namely.

At first you should therefore try to defend you mainly with the (revamped) spear. The ammunition will in fact be much more useful to you in the first Horde attack.

A little hint: Is your you in designated green areas, you will run into nothing particularly dangerous. Since the javelin was good enough. And even if it is slower: Sneaking around: You can find the lower right clicking a button in it. So your arouses less attention of your enemies.

Uses these corners and also the time that you now just have to upgrade your stuff and leveling order. So you are strong enough when the first incident Horde.

And let’s not distract you: While you can with what you find, crafts very much cool stuff, but it’s worth it to confine itself only once on the basics. Otherwise, you lose valuable time. And you can not carry it all anyway. So one by one and you are on the right track with these tips Last Day on Earth Survival.