Fallout Shelter Cheats: Infinite lunch boxes and money? 2023

Fallout Shelter Cheats: Infinite lunch boxes and money?

lunch boxes & a lot of money are not entirely irrelevant in the bunker simulation. Clever gamers have a few gaps, so Fallout Shelter Cheats discovered. Quick use before they disappear!

The free download of Fallout Shelter Android enjoys long been popular as the download figures show. In the game, players must put their strategy skills to the test and build bunkers optimal. A few aids would not be bad, right?
Fortunately, a few shrewd players have discovered gaps in the game, using which one can cheat a little. At least, that goes – but it can not be long before the developers fill these gaps.

Fallout Shelter CheatsPractical fallout shelter cheats for infinite number of lunch boxes and bottle caps. (Image: Bethesda Games Studios / Editorial)

Super fallout shelter cheats for Ausgeschlafene

In most game apps looking player yes vain for cheats, after all, game developers want to earn money with their free apps. They accomplish on the free-to-play model, play an important role in the in-app purchases. Although many websites claim nevertheless that they had hacks and cheats, but behind it often scammers before whom one should rather beware. In this game, however, the case is somewhat different, since it is actually fallout shelter cheats is – at least at the moment. The makers of the game have probably not counted on the sophistication of gamers who have made a few gaps identified.

However, the cheats have a condition: They can be used only by players who still are at the start of the simulation game but want to realize nines Vault a new surface, that is.

  Fallout Shelter Cheats: lancheiras infinita e dinheiro?

Fallout Shelter Cheats tasksThe player receives certain tasks at startup. (Screenshot: Bethesda Games Studios / Editorial)

Cheats for lunch boxes & Capsules

At the very beginning of the game players get tasks that need to meet them. The following tasks including:

  • Sell ​​1 weapon or outfit
  • Equip 1 dweller with to outfit
  • Collect 50 water or food
  • Level up a dweller

Right here the first fallout shelter cheats come in. The user meets the first two missions and offered him for rewards: Although are tempting, but must first be rejected. The user simply proceeds to solve the next two tasks. Is that managed it are infinitely many rewards available. The player can use any number of times at the lunch boxes and bottle caps.

Fallout Shelter Cheats lunch boxesThe cheats bring endless lunch boxes. (Screenshot: Bethesda Games Studios / Editorial)

Note: The use of cheat codes is of course not in the sense of the developers. So it can happen that you will be locked for the game. The stakes are so at your own risk!

Robot Butler unlock Mr. Handy

A like-used character of the game series, the robot butler. In Fallout 4 he goes by the name Codsworth which can optimally act as a domestic help in the bunker society. So he takes the user super lot of work, because it automatically acts as a resource collectors. The manual collection of energy, food and water becomes obsolete so. In addition, he makes himself as a defender quite well.

You can phone Mr. even unlock without fallout shelter cheats, but then you have to take in the hand or be patient money. So it can be purchased through an in-app purchase for around one euro.

  Fallout Shelter Cheats: lancheiras infinita e dinheiro?

In addition to weapons and clothing now and then Robot Butler can be found in lunchboxes. However, this is extremely rare. Who does not want to wait that long, can increase the odds by using the above cheats.