Advent wreath

Advent wreath

Of the Advent download bring some Christmas spirit on the PC monitor. The virtual needle branch ring is adorned with four red candles ignite independently on the four Sundays before Christmas Eve.

Advent download for joy at Christmas time

Who does not have to spend, surrounded by his loved ones, but in front of the computer, the Sundays of Advent, to conjure up at least a little contemplation to the desktop. But even for those who have special pleasure in the festive season, the Advent wreath download is a fine thing. After the fourth Advent candles of the Advent wreath go the way again by itself and the crown can be put away until next year. And all without the hassle of scraping away the wax stains on the tablecloth …

Advent download

Every Sunday during Advent candle is lit in addition

The Advent wreath is the way in Austria "Advent wreath" called. Again, it is a mostly woven made of fir branches table decorations, which is provided in Advent with four candles. Every Sunday during the Advent season, a candle is lit in addition: It starts on the first Sunday of Advent with a candle and burn then on the second two. So it goes on until all the candles are lit and Christmas is around the corner. The very first Advent wreath was lit in 1839 by the Protestant theologian Johann Hinrich Wichern in northern Germany. It took a hundred years until he became established also in Catholic areas.

Advent first produced in 1839 as a Christmas Calendar

What had the occasion to introduce this custom? Allegedly asked children who supervised the theologian, always, when finally was Christmas. Therefore he built in 1839 out of an old wagon wheel a wooden rim with 20 small red and four large white candles. With this "Christmas Calendar" the children could count the days until Christmas. From the traditional Advent and Christmas wreath of Wichernhaus the modern Advent wreath with four candles has been established, which is made of pine green for about 1860th