The Walking Dead: Road to Survival App is a perfect blend of role and structure of the game. The story is based on the known Graphic Novell series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, who already served the hit TV series as a template. Anyone who has a fondness for splatter, blood and zombies, you will love this game Android!

Walking Dead: Road to Survival app - the game for the cult series

After a worldwide zombie apocalypse, it is important to take Woodbury and end the reign of Governors once and for all. As in a classic building game Rick, Glenn and Michonne have to collect building materials and products, build structures such as houses or shops and sent economies. On this point, the game is no different from other insane building simulations. Interestingly, the game, however, when it comes to the role-playing story: Here conflicts in the group must be played and strategic decisions are made in order to survive the battle against the undead. The action largely follows the comic book - and according to this not for the faint of heart.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival App

Weapons and Inventory

The inventory of the Walking Dead: Road to Survival app is almost unmanageable. Especially friends of firearms or unorthodoxeren defense instruments such as bone saws, hammers and ice picks will get their costs - the choice is almost unlimited. However, all items and weapons have to be earned. Gradually, so the team can better equipped and made ready for the struggle for survival.

Missions and tasks

In addition to building the ultimate safe zone and the fight against the undead numerous missions and tasks maintain the tension of the game. Only those who can prove here and make the right decisions, receive valuable resources and has a chance to survive. The graphic stands out not only by the recently deceased Wes Craven admonishing bloodthirstiness, but also by attention to detail and the similarity to the original comic. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival app is now a blend of CONSTRUCTION strategy and role-playing, can score with both impressive graphics as well as with a variety of itmes and game options. Fans of the series and / or Graphic Novell will get their costs and the fingers no longer can leave the smartphone or tablet.