Android Recovery: Recover photos, videos and contacts 2023

Android Recovery: Recover photos, videos and contacts

Android Data Recovery is the name literally program. The data recovery provides both the internal memory and on the SD card stored files, restore, and indeed in smartphones as well as tablets.

Android Recovery: Recover photos, videos and contacts

Here, Android Data Recovery cares about supposedly lost contact as well as the call history and SMS messages. This ensures you either as TXT, XML or Excel data on the PC’s hard drive. Even accidentally deleted photos and videos makes the helper in the Datennnot readable again, these are restored in their original format.

Android Recovery recovers photos, videos and contacts restore

According to the manufacturer to Android Data Recovery is for Android mobiles from all manufacturers operating in the market. Operating system versions are supported as of release 2.3 upwards. androiddatarecoveryandroiddatarecovery2

Enable free full version:

Note: In the zip file of these free full version you will find a TXT file, which contains a link to the registration page of the manufacturer. After the local registration with your name and a valid email address to receive the activation data. Click after the first start on the key icon in the menu bar and add this information into the appropriate data fields, then the full version is enabled. In addition, the setup offers to install a program called Software Informer. This tool is not required for the function of the free full version. Some virus scanners Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits.