With the Spotify download a free streaming service for music of different genres comes to the computer. The German freeware from the land of moose currently produces around 60 million music titles ready for retrieval.

With Spotify download access to extensive music library

Users of Internet radio must log in with an account before they get access to the audio collection. The Spotify login can be easily created and allows the application with both Facebook and to a separate account. After starting the program the view of a so-called cover flow first appears. Here, the desktop client presents popular current Albums of famous artists. Mouse click also to reach current top lists and radio stations.

Who wants to hear better music beyond charts and mainstream, uses a search function. It promotes both albums and individual songs of the artist revealed and playlists that were created by other users of the service. Thus usually the lengthy compilation of soundtracks for series or thematically appropriate background music is superfluous. Who, though not having a genre in the ear no artist in the head, makes use for the aptly named music collections from eavesdroppers.

Spotify download

integrated in the streaming service App Finder, which supports numerous extensions to light proves to be smart. These transform the Internet radio into a karaoke machine, open chat rooms to exchange with peers and allow musical journey with the help of an interactive map.

With Spotify create playlists and manage

Besides the numerous Albums and radio stations the playlists prove extremely convenient function in Spotify download. If you like, generated in the iTunes-like interface of the streaming service custom playlists or import them from Apple's audio player. An interface to the Windows Media Player can not miss the internet radio. The number and scope of playlists is no limit. Conveniently, the streaming service is completely cloud based and stores all information on the Internet from. No matter how big the virtual music collection, the amount of space of your own computer that has no influence.

Spotify Radio Download

In addition, users can access internet on all the songs and lists from any device. Thanks to the successful Spotify web player can from any browser are available out on the personalized music library.

Internet radio with premium features

The download Spotify and use the Free mode are completely free, but you are exposed as a non-paying listeners frequent commercial breaks. The manufacturer offers a premium subscription, which hides the advertising and offers an offline mode. Here selected playlists are saved as MP3 files so that it is necessary to play an Internet connection. Users can test the one month Premium account. Those who decide to subscribe, you can simply cancel before the first debit Spotify. Then there was at least one month commercial-free music enjoyment and yet no cost. For after that time or who would like to sign on principle, finds his future music service in the large download offer to Internet radio programs.

Limitations of Spotify