Change graphics and font size on Windows 7

The new Windows 7 has been designed not only for use on large screens. Some mobile devices with a screen size smaller than 12 inches rely on the new version of Windows. Especially the netbooks should be mentioned here. These small devices are fighting some with their high resolution and small font. This is the small panel displays difficult to read. In Windows 7, you can quickly and easily change the size of graphic elements and system fonts: Windows 7 - Control Panel - Appearance and Personalization

  • click on begin and control Panel. is then one more click on Appearance and Personalization necessary.

  • Under "display" click the sub-item enlarge text and other elements in or out. Windows 7 - Increase text

  • Now you can select the desired font size. We choose in our example Larger - 150% out. Conclude, one more click on Take necessary. After re-Log the changes are accepted This is how the enlarged by 150 percent font compared to the standard size: Windows 7 - font - size comparison