portfolio Manager

Regardless of the Internet to manage your entire bank, stock exchange and other capital equipment clear, convenient and easy to use. Investing and loans are easy to enter for each user and manage. This new and free financial and portfolio management software Provides each private users a perfect, comfortable track of all its financial commitments. All investments and investments such as stocks and funds can be managed easily, even mortgages, loans and credit. Whether fixed deposits, savings or Treasury bills, personal loans, mortgages, leasing rate, withdrawal plans, savings contracts, all kinds of savings plans,"Riester pension"Your endowment policy or the good old Sparbuch.Der"portfolio Manager"also provides a clear management of your securities. Of stocks, mutual funds, fixed income and bonds to foreign currency, certificates, index certificates and warrants. At a glance you can see all your financial transactions, loans, investments or capital - investments, the division into various securities and currencies and the daily current valuation of your private portfolio, whenever you want.