make 3D images yourself? How it works at no cost!

make 3D images yourself? How it works at no cost!

Who make 3D images yourself want to date needed expensive equipment. The new Cardboard Camera app for free downloading it works simply by mobile phone. learn more here!

make 3D images themselves: The mobile phone as VR camera

With the Google Cardboard, the company developed a cost-holder made of cardboard, with a virtual reality glasses can be cast from any smartphone. The construction consists of two lenses and magnets that serve as operation button, and a hook and loop fastener. Meanwhile, there are many manufacturers offering card boards. From just three Euros there are kits that can be assembled in a few steps. Now, so far only 3D images or movies could be viewed, taken with expensive cameras. Thanks to the Cardboard Camera app smartphone Inhhaber can now make 3D images yourself and at no additional cost.

make 3D images yourselfmake 3D images yourself and take a look via Cardboard

create virtual photos and videos with the Cardboard Camera app

After downloading the app and launching the application, you have to only rotate once on its axis to take a panoramic view of the surroundings. The 360-degree images can thereby be made with or without sound.

make 3D images yourself: Panoramamake 3D images yourself: panoramic image with the Cardboard Camera app

The images can be viewed as three-dimensional photographs with the Cardboard afterwards. At the moment, only the images, however, are possible with the free app that depict the environment as either horizontal or vertical panorama. So the view can only steer left or right, for example, in a classical landscape shot; a view of the sky or on the ground is not yet possible. An accompanying shortcoming is that the images are blurred slightly at the top and bottom. Apart from that, the app is a terrific as affordable option to create virtual realities themselves.

make 3D images themselves: From the recording will generate a 3D imagemake 3D images themselves: a 3D image is generated from the recording.

take pictures and enjoy photos in 3D

With the combination of app and Cardboard Google has developed a low-cost variant, with a three-dimensional pictures both created without effort than can also be considered. Although the pictures can not compete with those that have been made in accordance with costly technology, but app and glasses work – apart from a few shortcomings – quite well. In addition, Google had announced that is working on a way to the users their VR recordings can share in the net. Whether that happens to YouTube or a completely new channel is created for it, is still open. Even without Share feature: fun app definitely, as well as viewing the images shot. Who wants to make future 3D images yourself, do not hesitate and try the Cardboard Camera.