barcoo for Android

barcoo for Android

Food scandal Goodbye! who the barcoo app installed on their smartphone always knows what’s inside, at least in the products that are sold with a barcode or QR code. This code the user scans easily with the Android app, and then receives all relevant information about this product. Not only foods are barcoo database.

Bargain-check with the barcoo app

If the washing machine in the electric market is really a bargain, as it promotes the local dealer on the poster? To find out, you have to wait no more thanks barcoo Android until you are at home, to search the computer for matching online offerings. Easily spot the scan bar code of the washing machine and the app immediately carry out a price and product comparison by.

barcoo App

Of course you can check with the barcoo app not only offers washing machines in retail stores. compare the prices of washing machines, mobile phones, TVs and other devices of household and consumer electronics – that can also use other smartphone apps. The special feature of Android barcoo rather the extensive background information and the huge choices.

barcode & QR scanner with food traffic light

Of particular note, for example, the integrated food traffic light. For every product with a barcode or QR code, the software displays the appropriate nutritional values, so for example, contains as much sugar, fat or sodium a particular variety sugar beet syrup. All information has been researched by barcoo editorial and cooperation partners. As a user is obtained in this way a quick overview of the most important facts. Those who want to continue to deal with the issue of conscious diet is more software on food and drink for free download here.

Barcoo App food traffic light

The barcoo Editor offers the user a consumer magazine with practical tips on various topics such as health and nutrition. Also recalls should be quickly obtained through this service.

Consumer App informed about critical ingredients

Another highlight is the database of test reports with reports from Stiftung Warentest and over 400 other testing and consumer magazines – who likes to buy the famous pig in a poke? Original how useful – like the food traffic light – even the wine-light. This indicates to the user, for example, a professional evaluation and an average user rating and a price judgment. Similarly useful information also provides the cosmetic light. Hidden price increases and deceptive packaging is also noted as critical ingredients. Even on sustainability information to manufacturers has been thought.

Barcoo App Consumer tips

Buyer’s guide and price comparison in an app Whether sunscreen, washing machine or TV – virtually everything has a barcode or QR code is found by the app. For each product, the application provides very useful information, tailored to each individual case. Also, niche products such as wine or cosmetics are covered. Current information about product returns’s in their own magazine area. Tip: Also in the Lidl App a barcode scanner is integrated.