Free-known movies and series streaming - and legal? With the Watchbox app or Watchbox Web app in the browser does it actually. And the movies is surprisingly good. Here you find out more!

Watchbox appWith the app Watchbox go free and legal movies and series look (Photo: RTL / Editorial)

Watchbox app on the go

With Watchbox RTL has launched a streaming service to life, which supplies you with free movies, series and shows - all without mandatory registration or subscription. The whole thing is clear from the former service Clipfish.

You simply invite you the app and you can start streaming. Log in and goes, but need not be - unless you want to create lists with all content that you want to see. Finally, you have a choice of some 1,400 movies and 3,500 TV episodes. Since you can lose track quickly.

Versatile independent offer

The range of genres is quite large, including in particular those that are not commonplace. Although there may be action and comedy, but the focus is on older (but good) works, anime, independent films or science fiction. But a look through is worth it, there are some gems to be discovered. Above all, anime fans have been coming as the previous Clipfish at their expense. can you find classics, popular series or new animation sizes from Japan.Also recommendations provides the RTL editorial. In addition, there's reviews of IMDb and Co., so you can make better decisions.

Watchbox app selectionThe selection is quite large for a free service. (Photo: RTL)

Suggestions are welcome - but watch out for licenses

Those who want to make suggestions can write a email to [email protected] - RTL is seeking to acquire new licenses. However, while you should not expect that big blockbuster find their way in the least free service. Unfortunately, not found often all seasons of a series in the portfolio, which is also to licensing reasons.

Fans of the original musical settings also out in the cold. In each case, only dubbed versions selectable in German.

Watchbox App AnimeAnime can be discovered beside some other content. (Photo: RTL)

Advertising can be a pain

The project is financed by advertising. Unfortunately, not only from the streams, but also in between. The clouds the whole thing a bit and can detract from the fun - simply due to the sheer frequency of advertising clips. But the offer is finally free. For that convinced the Watchbox app with a good streaming quality, as long as the Internet connection is right.

And if your time is not on your smartphone or tablet - by the way, whether Android or iOS - want to stream, you can watch look look NOW or by FireTV, AppleTV, Xbox One or several SmartTVs in the browser or on TV.