not Tetris

Not Tetris revives one of the most successful PC games again. Visually very close to the original, the freeware comes with an exciting innovation: tumbling stones with real physics. Thus the very neat and manageable gameplay is again a real challenge. Nostalgia: Not Tetris is not trying to find a visual remake, but remains visually and acoustically quite simply exactly the original. When you first move a stone, the scope of the new game physics is immediately clear, however: This is nothing more like it used to be. Stones glide, rotations are performed gradually, and places to one block while it is still moving, we may look forward to a surprising result ever. Who wants to add even more chaos can do with two players simultaneously on a computer, this by the way. Difficult to control, but a lot funnier: The free Tetris remake with the playful name Not Tetris combines old with new, also does this really well. This means Daddelspaß pure, thus: Access!