Who via WhatsApp New Year greetings wants to send or New Year video, here is the best, funniest and most creative desires and videos! Simply select the right one and send!

Those who want to suppress the increase of postage, can send their wishes also via messenger after the download of WhatsApp for Android. We have selected the best greetings for the New Year.

WhatsApp New Year greetings

They belong to the new year as the glass of champagne, fireworks and the cat: New Year's greetings. WhatsApp is the easiest way to convey his good wishes to friends and family. Who does not want texts themselves, find inspiration here or templates that need to be sent only copied via Messenger.

WhatsApp New Year greetingsOur WhatsApp New Year greetings

Classic Greetings

If you want to imagine on the safe side, you can not go wrong for the New Year with these classics:

  • I wish you happiness, health, joy, your life as much as today! Begrüß the year now happier things so that you succeed every day!
  • Even if we are separated sea and land, it is now warm in your hand: From my heart a little bit, it desires health, joy, happiness!
  • New Year brings new happiness and new opportunities, piece by piece.
  • Happy New Year - we exclaim. The new year brings happiness into the house! What we have done wrong in the old, we begin anew!
  • The coming year will bring you joy, happiness and love what you even begin - it should you succeed immediately.

When the champagne flows freely ...

This WhatsApp New Year greetings celebrate life:

  • I drink to good friends, lost love, to old gods and new goals on the everyday madness and what once was. That everything ends, and a new year!
  • New Year over, a new morning. Forget the old worries. Let's see together in the future and jointly celebrate the new year!
  • Survive! Love! Laugh! In this way, make your new year at a festival that makes you celebrate your life.

Smart greetings of the year

Who wants to convey something more casual WhatsApp Neujahrsgrüße should choose one of these awards:

  • The new year has begun degree, the first resolutions are zeronnen. What the hell! There is no turning back! New Year good luck and happiness!
  • In the new year, I wish you happy 12 months, 52 weeks happy, charming 365 days, 8760 hours unique, unforgettable 525,600 minutes and 31,536,000 breathtaking seconds!
  • New Year's Eve I will sweeten with cell phone Sincerely you the new year.

Funny Greetings New Year's Eve

  • To all that have sent me best wishes for 2016: it has brought nothing! Send me in 2017 either money, alcohol or fuel vouchers! Thank you.
  • The old year is now gone soon, so I wish you `nen happy new year! Happiness is to make the new year - we remain hopefully the old man!
  • Your horoscope 2017! Money: The stars smile! Occupation: The stars smile! HEALTH: The Stars smile! Love: The stars laugh their heads off!
  • This year there's no New Year's resolutions - I have not yet been processed last year.

New Year Greetings from Kaestner, Bush and Co.

  • "Is better? Will's worse?", One wonders every year. Let's face it: life is always life-threatening. (Erich Kaestner)
  • When it snows Year's Eve, New Year's is not far. (Wilhelm Busch)
  • The old year has made clever's, Fort's in fog and at night. To the great luck to far and near, was on the parking 'one else there. (Johann Peter Hebel)
  • From a distance, this wish: Happy star and good punch. (Theodor Fontane)
  • If it was successful old year, then rejoice anew. And it was bad, so then even more so. (Albert Einstein)

Video New Year's greetings for WhatsApp

Those who wish can also send a video as WhatsApp New Year's greetings. How about, for example, one of these links: