Tweak-SSD ensures optimum performance with solid state drives. The tool performs a built-in wizard with a few clicks through the optimization process.

Tweak-SSD Download: SSDs accelerate or conserve

Tweak-SSD enhances the performance and longevity of SSDs by various optimization measures. For example, the TRIM command ensures that the operating system optimally forwards deleted file blocks to the SSD management. In addition, the wizard numerous Windows parameters to optimal values ​​for solid state drives. Using a color scale of the helper then shows how well their system is optimized for the SSD.

Tweak-SSD Download

With Tweak-SSD to tickle out all the performance margins of modern solid state drives. The English-language wizard guides in a few steps through the configuration so that no technical knowledge is required in order to tune their own SSD possible. Practical: Who can do without TRIM support, the shareware can use as a scaled-down free edition with no time limit. Numerous other tuning tools for free download are available in our versatile software offering.

Limitations of Tweak-SSD

The trial version runs for 14 days. TRIM optimizations only available in the full version.